Once-Weekly Insulin: The Future of Diabetes?

Once-Weekly Insulin: The Future of Diabetes?

September 20, 2022

Once-weekly insulin could be a significant game changer for diabetes treatment moving forward. As some clinical trials are showing promise, the future of diabetes looks hopeful– learn more in our blog!

Current InsulinTreatment – Where it Falls Short

Daily life with diabetes can be difficult. While some are able to manage blood sugar levels by incorporating a healthy diet and routine exercise into their lives, others require daily insulin to control it effectively.The use of insulin therapy has proven to be essential for diabetes patients, however it can be a demanding form of treatment for patients, making it difficult to adjust or even remain committed to long-term. Yet, what if diabetes treatment didn't need to be so demanding? Reluctance to daily insulin is common and becoming more prevalent, leading healthcare professionals to explore and expand current treatment options. More recently, focus has been placed on the ability to provide once-weekly insulin in hopes to facilitate the lifestyle of the patients dependent on insulin. Now, with multiple clinical trials underway, the more we learn, the more possible once-weekly insulin becomes!

A photo of a glass insulin bottle in a medical lab.

Once-weeklyInsulin – The Benefits

Research has shown that over 40% of type 2 diabetes patients deny insulin treatment. Patients aim to avoid the physical and mental burden that come with injecting insulin daily. Whereas, with once-weekly insulin, patients would spend less time managing and monitoring their diabetes, making treatment that much easier. Accurate insulin dosage is vital to the well-being of the patient, and the consequences of incorrect dosing can be harmful; low blood sugar can ensue if too much insulin is injected and taking too little can result in high glucose levels. In contrast, once-weekly insulin aids in appropriate dosage management, taking away the guesswork for the patient. With the introduction of once-weekly insulin, patients are more likely to adhere to their treatment plans, thereby likely reducing stress levels along with time spent on managing their daily insulin dosing.

Additionally, this potential treatment could help those in need of assistance such as elderly patients with memory impairments or those residing in long-term facilities. A treatment plan that is easily followed facilitates daily living for the afflicted and the provider(s) as well. Diabetes can be bitter, but with potential medical advances like these, life can still be sweet!

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes. Consider options in clinical studies.

Managing diabetes is getting easier as new treatment options become possible! We have an ongoing once-weekly insulin trial now enrolling - click to learn more or call us at 425-251-1720 to book your appointment today!


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