All About the COVID-19 Booster

All About the COVID-19 Booster

July 5, 2022

In late March, the FDA authorized a second booster shot for COVID-19. Even though most of us are familiar with immunization boosters, the ones for COVID-19 continue to draw questions. Despite being more than 2 years into this pandemic with mounting breakthroughs in treatment, there’s still a lot we don’t know. While the passing of time will answer many of these questions, let’s explore what we know now about COVID-19 vaccine boosters.

What is a Booster, and Why Is it Needed?

Vaccine booster shots are an additional dose or series of vaccine doses. Though each of the vaccines available for COVID-19 is great at protecting against severe disease, their protection decreases over time. The boosters raise this protection back up.

For individuals with compromised immune systems, boosters are vital. Vaccines work by mimicking the body’s immune response without having to come into contact with a virus or other illness. If you have a compromised immune system, it may not be able to create a strong enough response, even after completing the vaccine series. Ultimately, this means you are not adequately protected. Staying up to date on COVID-19 vaccines and boosters and following safety protocols can further strengthen protection against the virus if you have a compromised immune system.

Weakened immune system

COVID-19 Booster Guidelines

The CDC recommends everyone 5 years of age and older get the COVID-19 boosters. Below are the guidelines by vaccine:

COVID-19 Booster guidelines

Visit the CDC website for booster guidelines for individuals with compromised immune systems.

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Studies Enrolling NOW!


It is never too late to get the protection offered by COVID-19 boosters. Clinical research studies may be an option if you’ve completed your initial vaccine series and still need your booster! To learn more about the COVID-19 booster studies enrolling here at Rainier Clinical Research Center, visit our website or call us toll-free at (888) 478-8343.


Volunteer to participate in a study

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